Today I gonna share you my love for my long hair I know many Of you gonna laugh …

🔹Today I gonna share you my love for my long hair🔸🔸🔸 🔹I know many Of you gonna laugh at me for this or you can’t understand me because for many of you your hair don’t matters much. I have faces many problem while growing my hair long. My hair and I are like covalent bond.I am happy to see my hair shinning and growing long. When I’m sad, it gently touches my cheecks trying to make me happy and telling me that “I am always with you even if I turn grey or falls a bit, I will be still there with you supporting. I don’t wanted to cut it but Due to some reason I have cutted it off which i feel like I have cutted myself and I really never want to do that again.I also love short hair but the love for long hair is in another level.My inspiration behind my long hair is @mahi7781 ♥️.He is my role model.He is the person whom I love most after my family.Thing is that I will not stop here I will do it again and I will achieve my dream hair back. #photooftheday #longhairgoals #dreamhair #suvamjha

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