A Master of the Life of the Gangnam Luxury Clock Repair

When the groom lived alone, there was a romance for luxury watches.

He had a few in his house. Apparently, as the years went by,

It’s a very charming thing, so sometimes you wear it

It looks more cool and just .. My groom

The watch I have is Taghoe Carrera 1887

the times which it naturally wears while marrying decreases

I left it unchecked for a long time, and then I was

I tried to get out of the car, and I did not have time

He said he couldn’t do it because he was too stiff!

It’s a luxury, so I’m looking for a lot of searches

and I’ve got a lot of recommendations around me

I left it at a store specializing in repairing clocks in Gangnam

The biggest reason I chose this place is the master of life

I heard the taxpayer was in charge of the repairs himself

Not only is it a luxury watch, but it also handles a general watch

It is so good that once you leave it, it is the best

I’m in a state of mind!I’m not gonna let my groom and friends

He said he used it a lot.

And last week, I was on SBSbiz

Picasso 24 is a watch repair specialist in the program!

I saw the guy who touched our groom’s watch on TV

I’m glad I’m here and there

You’re on TV because you’re admissible to the rumors

I can trust any watch I have.

Of course, you can visit the official service center, but you can change parts

The repairs are not expensive, and it takes too long

On the other hand, Picasso 24 is a homemade person,

the facility and the facility used in the service center are had

Efforts to provide services at reasonable costs

I was doing it, and I was more satisfied

So, let’s test the current state of our groom’s watch.

This machine is a Swiss automatic clock error tester

The high-end equipment measures the error and rotation angle bit of the clock

They use it to measure or control errors

I measured the clock, and it was as bad as the above results

There’s also a lot of bit errors, too.

I think it’s urgent to repair.

And when I look closely at the watchline, I see that the groom

I was wearing it too hard

There’s a lot of giss and jangis in sight

I thought it would be nice to do polishing, so I decided to do it together

Oh, and either look at the clock repair process

I don’t know what to do with the picture of the exterior of the clock.

Except for the internal photos, I also requested

and there was a Picasso24 blog that came in:)

You’re going to need to fix up some of the

I was able to get a picture of it by text

Well, I didn’t know it was really this serious

I should have left it in advance and checked it out.

Now that I know, I’m gonna need to know

I’ll have to do a regular check 레플리카 in the future

All equipment used by Picasso 24 is a watch brand

It’s a formal service center device

the hand washing is done to the first. The automatic cleaner is used to the second

and wash every inch of the body that is not manually touching

They coat parts, so they live in light

the abrasion reduces and the lifetime of the part is extended

They say they can use the clock for a longer time

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