Luxury Bag Refoam Gucci Clutch Kiring Transformation

I did not use it for a long time and did not take it out of the corner.

I left the bag repair and I had an old Gucci Boston bag that my brother used to use, and I left it to reform it, but it turned into a clutch and a key ring!

I left a luxury bag refoam in a sweat bag in Cheongju,

Please refer to those who want to reform it because it is a place where repairs and remodeling are requested nationwide and delivered.

One sweat bag is the first place in Cheongju to reform and repair luxury bags, and it is a place where university lectures are also performed and broadcasts.

I restored the bag, repaired, reformed, etc. I changed it to a new one with a luxury bag reform that does not go too far.

It’s a minute’s drive from the clock tower. It’s easy to find.

The first floor was used as a finished bag exhibition and showroom, and the workshop was underground and went down to the basement.

I opened the bag I brought and told you where I wanted to repair it and I looked at the workshop.

The boss of a sweat bag was so good at technology that there were many students.

The workshop can come anytime you want to know, and those who come will give you a leather mask strap even if you do not leave the repairs:-)

I was just doing the Hermes restoration when I got there,

If you keep the expensive Hermes incorrectly, the inside of the leather will become tattered like this.

I’ve been restored like this so I’ve taken a picture of it.

I was introduced to my acquaintance as a student here, but my sister’s luxury bag refoam was very eye-catching and I took my bag.

The old bag is Gucci Boston bag,

Because of the nature of the Boston bag, it was worn out and worn out because it was used when traveling with this and that.

My brother said that he could carry it, but the corner part was especially thick.

I decided to make the clutch as much as possible to avoid the old part and make the rest of it into a key ring.

I was excited to think that it would be born as a new bag through the hand of the craftsman.

I thought I could make all the shape I wanted, so I thought I could change it to something, but I thought clutch and keying would be good.

I saw you just dismantling before leaving your bag, but you were lifting the leather.

He disassembled the line as much as possible to avoid damage, and told me what part was saved and which part was not available.

I was in Cheongju, so I could go and see it myself and tell you what to do.

If you send the couriers by phone or send them together in pictures, they will change as they want.

I saw the bag dismantling work and I saw the finished product before I went up to the first floor

I was working on courier services 레플리카 nationwide, so there were so many luxury bags and repairs.

Is it really nice to wear a scarf after the Hermes restoration?

The color was also beautiful, but I think this can be done regardless of age.

In addition to this, there are leather bags, keying, wallets, etc.

At that time, the fashionable design came out, and it seemed to be made with the commissioned design.

I do not know what brand I know, but I visited a sweat bag

There are various design bags on display, so I watched them one by one.

The remodeling and repairs were left together, and the production period took about two weeks, but the period seems to be different then.

It is better to contact the store and leave it to the urgent people.

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