I was on my second visit, but there were light snacks that weren’t heavy, so I didn’t feel pressured.

A few days ago, I visited Hongdae with my close friends and visited a special Hongdae glue salon.
In a sophisticated and trendy atmosphere, we could meet a cocktail of its own speciality, so let’s share it.
The lounges we found on this day were five minutes from Hongdae Station Exit 9.
I thought the name was a little familiar, but it turned out to be the first store, the second store, from Eori.
The glue salon was located on the second floor of the building.
I took the stairs upstairs to exercise, saying I could go up this light.

Actually, the way up the stairs wasn’t boring at all.
As you can see, the empty bottles were displayed in the middle of the stairs, so I could feel the vintage sensibility.
Also, there was a separate bathroom on one side, so I could go to Hongdae grass salon and go there comfortably.
It’s nice to have small amenities.
When I opened the door and came inside, I saw the bartender making a cocktail.
Most of all, you greeted me bright and bright, and I got 100 points from my first impression.

There was a lot of liquor on the inside.
There were all different shapes and colors, and I was excited to make my own cocktail here.
Before I sat down, I took a look inside.
It’s got a subtle lighting and a modern feel, and it’s a great place to have a nice cocktail.
I was looking around, and there was a place where you two could sit down and talk.
I thought it would be great to visit Hongdae Pool Salon as a group of close friends and lovers.
It was a little hot that day, so the air conditioner was working indoors.
I’ve got plenty of blankets on my knees in case you feel cold in the air conditioner.
Also, when several people visited, there was a good group seat to sit in.
A lot of college students in Hongdae are going to visit, but I thought it would be a good memory to have a birthday party or a special party here.
There was a nice neon sign on one wall.
It was a good spot to take photos of Instagram, so I left a lot of photos.

Each prop was so detailed and sentimental, but I could see the guest book left by the guests at the pool salon in Hongdae.
And when I saw this, I wanted to leave a trace of our visit, so I left a guestbook.
We took a look inside and we settled down to the side of a large table.
As soon as I sat down, I looked at the menu, and the menus were well written.
Especially, there was a birthday event going on here.
Not only is it possible to have a birthday party, but a cocktail is offered for free, so I’ll visit here for my friends’ birthdays later. I was thinking.
We’ve ordered a variety of cocktails to suit our tastes.
The bartender made me a cocktail right after I ordered it, and I had a lot of fun watching it.

I was able to meet Moulin Rouge as the first cocktail of the Hongdae Pool Salon.
It’s a bit bitter, but when it’s tasted slightly, it’s recreated so it doesn’t feel strong.
And then I tasted the pretty peach crush. The pink and yellow tones were divided into two tones, and the visuals were excellent.
And the point was to use fresh lemon, not artificial shower mix powder.
My friend ordered one of the sweet cocktails.
I heard they used syrup made of raspberries and blueberries, and the ingredients were extraordinary.

I’ve also ordered the most popular kaluamilk cocktail.
I was able to feel the sweet and deep chocolate flavor by putting ice balls and fresh cream chocolate on top.
It was a bit 풀싸롱 disappointing to drink only fancy cocktails, so I ordered a shrimp gambas dish from Hongdae Pool Salon and shared it.
I was on my second visit, but there were light snacks that weren’t heavy, so I didn’t feel pressured.
Gambas was also plated to eat, so I took a proof shot before I ate it.
Maybe it’s because of the atmosphere, but it was my best shot.
Gambas, evenly roasted in a soft oil sauce, had shrimp in it.
The moist glow made my mouth water.

I picked up a piece of chubby shrimp, which was full of flesh, and I could feel the chewy texture and the savory taste and aroma of the shrimp.
The not-so-easy olive oil enhanced the savory flavor, and I was fascinated by it.
Of course, Gambas was delicious alone, but it was excellent to eat a lot on crispy bread.
We had a special time at Hongdae Pool Salon. I remember it for a long time because it was a place where we were immersed in the atmosphere and taste.

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