I understand the basic principles first and I’m taking my time!

This time, I uploaded a video about Sweep.
Fortunately, a lot of people left comments saying that it was helpful, so it cheered me up!
Sometimes it’s hard and difficult to film and edit.
It’s so much fun, too.

Let’s take a look at the two-way training.
First of all, thank you so much to our two people who always take good care of us.
Let’s be careful and win well together!

They’re the basic classmates!
I understand the basic principles first and I’m taking my time!
Now that I understand the principles, my friends are coming early to teach me at 6:00 on purpose.
I’m always rooting for you.
Taejung and Taejun, work hard!

I’ve been working on Delariba from scratch this week.
Even if you know it, Jiu-Jitsu’s charm keeps coming out. Now it’s sparring relay!
Woo-guk and Jieun, who came early, will also clear the evening training session.Neung
Taebum, who comes early for online classes, is doing well because his school is in Jangchung-dong! Fighting!

It’s evening training!
This month’s pass, Over Underpass.
Everyone’s connecting well to the back position!
Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Woo-guk.
When Taebum sparred, he’s being kind.

Now, the class starts.
This week is Anclark class!

I’ll tell you the basics.
I’ll pick a partner for you.
Let’s practice hard.
If you don’t know, you’re always on the move!
Everyone’s interested in Anklark these days, so I prepared it for you.
Friendly Mr. Woo-guk, what a nice bunch of jujitsu!
Jieun is always smiling!
A friend who keeps sparring, saying it’s hard.
Doo Hwan looks tired, but he’s sparring again!
It’s a passionate jiujitsu!
Questions are always welcome.
Sparring Time
Everyone’s 신촌주짓수 excited!
Taebum is sparring.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, Chunbae.
I’m so busy at work, but Jiu-Jitsu is tired.
Eunyoung, go!
Oh, with a bunch of nice Choonbae jiujitsu.
Let’s take a break. I’m on my way now!
Did it come out well?
I’m playing hard to the end.
I have to go to class soon.
Noggi class is always a problem.
They enjoy Nogis sparring at sparring time.
Sparring well by 9:50 p.m.
Let’s go home now.
Where is the deadline for 10 o’clock?
Let’s think positively and have a good time with Jiu-Jitsu.

We’ll always be together today and tomorrow.

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