It is a brave statement from ignorance

The chairman of the finance committee is buying investors’ sympathy for making remarks such as “can not protect” and “wrong way” toward cryptocurrency investors. In the investment industry, he resented the idea of ​​’anachronistic ideas’, ‘double attitude’ that pursues only Seeley and avoids responsibility.

On the 23rd, cryptocurrency investors and industry criticized the chairman’s remarks that the financial authorities lacked understanding of the industry. In the meantime, while pursuing the tax, he expressed 폰테크 dissatisfaction with the attitude that industrial development and investor protection are not enough. In addition, a petition for the Blue House, which urges resignation, has appeared, pointing out the attitude of Chairman Eun, who seems to teach investors.

“We can not protect all those who have invested in virtual assets from the government,” he said at a plenary meeting of the political committee held at the National Assembly the day before. We are different in our thinking about the concept of investor protection, that is, whether it is a protection target. “In the stock market or capital market, there are investors and we have different ideas about whether we should protect all those who entered this virtual asset to protect investors.”

When asked whether investors are outside the system protection network, he said, “It is official and it can come into the system and become more speculative.”

The investment industry pointed out that the government’s position at the time of the cryptocurrency began to attract attention three to four years ago and pointed out the government’s ignorance of the business.

An investment industry official said, “The government’s view of the industry is as it was four years ago. I am disappointed that nothing has changed.” Services have continued to come out and technology has developed. It is doubtful whether the government has learned the industry properly. “

“The United States and Japan are trying to change the law to raise it within the system and to promote related policies,” he said. “Of course, the industry also recognizes that the market has recently overheated. However, regardless of whether or not he is overheated, the chairman’s remarks are brave remarks from ignorance, which have no understanding of the business rights. “

Seeley also criticized the dual attitude of not fulfilling his responsibilities while pursuing. Other industry sources said, “There are developed countries that want to foster them at the border of the law, while there are Turkey and India, which declared it illegal. “We do not know what is right yet, but at least other governments have decided their attitudes,” he said. “Our government does not take any position, pursues the tax they will enjoy, but ignores responsibility, protection and industrial development. It’s really irresponsible,” he said.

Another industry official said, “If we make and nurture laws like developed countries, we will understand in the industry, because there are some things we have to endure even if we suffer losses. Or if we stop it illegally, we will make a decision to reduce business uncertainty or risk by turning our eyes to overseas, not domestically. “This ambiguous government attitude makes both industry and investor feel disorganized.”

Investors were particularly resentful of the comments that the chairman of the Nun “should teach adults if they are on the wrong path.” The Internet community said, “You really don’t know why you’ve entered the wrong path. The process has collapsed and real estate can not be looked at, “and” (the vested class) do not know, do you understand the minds of young people? “

In addition, “It is right to take taxes behind the scenes while pretending to be decent,” and “I do not know how to make my boats more difficult and ordinary people more troubled.””The judgment and response to cryptocurrency is too easy,” he said. “The price of cryptocurrency is not the speculation of our people, but the price made by investors around the world. It is not the first to identify the cause and prepare countermeasures. “

The petitioner, who introduced himself as a normal worker in his 30s, said, “If you are going the wrong way, you should teach adults to teach you?Why did Korean youths get into this position?” The petition is now agreed by 31,585 people a day after it was raised

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