Doesn’t this picture remind you of an ion drink that likes me?

Hello, this is Siwon System!
Today, I’m going to show you a great Fargo.
Why don’t you travel around the world with me and see the Scolar Pagora?
Even if you don’t travel in person, you can feel differently and heal yourselves by looking around the world indirectly.
I think there are so many cool things and delicious things in the world. Isn’t that right?
Okay, then you’ll come and see Pagora in Scola with me.

Galileo Maxi 4*4 digora with the Scholar installed in a Maltese restaurant.
There are many Pagora on the beach in front of a restaurant in Malta!
This product is Galileo and it’s a large maxi size, and it’s a 4 meter by 4 meter Pagorai.
The white pagodas go really well with the blue sea.
Doesn’t this picture remind you of an ion drink that likes me?
I can’t believe I can have a dreamy rest inside the digora with the vast ocean in front of me. The people in that space must be blessed.
I think Galileo Pagora’s outdoor furniture is stable and calm because it gives a sense of unity in white beige.
Do you see Galileo Pagora’s pole on the side?
Since it’s the largest maxi size, we’ve secured the Pagora with a very heavy and strong base.
Even though it’s super close to the beach, the fact that we have a lot of Pagora installed means that it’s quite safe with Scholar, right?
It’s secured with a heavy base, but it’s much more stable to fold up the Pagora when there’s a strong wind!
The optional LED inside the Pagora is built-in!
There’s a light inside Pagora, so even if it’s dark at night, I don’t think there’s a 스카이어닝 problem without any lighting.
the hazy colors of the early evening sky and Galileo Pagora Oh, I’m getting hit again.
I’m surprised again that the luxury of System Pagora exists in Pagora.
I can feel the luxuriousness of the Pagora in Scolaro, which is different from the regular Pagora sold on the market.
Sooner or later, we’ll bring Pagora to our Oscar office showroom!!!
It’s my first time looking at it in person, so I’m very excited.
When the showroom is complete, I’ll try my best to show you the best I can.

Please look forward to it!

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