Anyone can open and close easily.

Hello, this is Siwon System.
These days, the dream of detached houses becomes a reality.
You can move into an existing house or buy land yourself.
There are people who build houses, and the world has changed a lot.
Shading systems are also evolving to meet these changes.

The picture I’m going to show you today is a picture of a kindergarten wall
It’s a shading system called Sky Pagora Skiitek.
They’re outside of the sun, and they’re outside.
He has a strong temperament.
As you can see at a glance, with a large, thick steel frame.
It’s well-built, strong, snow, rain, wind, etc.
A rigid material that can thoroughly distribute the elements;
It’s anti-corrosion.
Slots of different designs and features depending on their application
You can set it as an option.
From Sky for transmission to operate indoor silver pagora
Easy to control
Anyone can open and close easily.

I’ll remove them all and decorate them with halo-channel writing.
You want to know what you’re going to look like.
Fortunately, the handwriting and the model are not difficult.
It’s been successfully removed.
You don’t want to see where the letters and logos are removed.
The marks and stains are not marked with paint.
I’ve painted it.
Work on the halo channel until the paint dries.
I think we should.
A halo channel is a very demanding task.
I’m going to open up a one-on-one design.
You have to mark the piece on it one by one.
You have to put the design on the wall and drill a hole in the marked area one by one.
Only then can you install it.
I’ve installed all the channel letters on the wall.
Now, let’s read the channel 파고라 letters.
We need to clear the wires.
You just need to clean up the wiring and plug in the electrical.
Everything’s gonna be over.
I’m really curious about what it looks like.
I need to turn on the light.
The halo channel has light coming from behind the writing.
The handwriting is more three-dimensional and luxurious.
It has characteristics.
How do you like it?
It’s really catchy and cool.

automatically working
This is a folding electric Pagora under construction.
This is a completed construction.
Two folding electric pagodas have been constructed.
Where there’s a terrace,
I’d like to recommend Pagora.
That’s because after the Pagora construction, it’s much more important than the terrace.
It’s because you can use it efficiently and conveniently.
It’s a fresh green Pagora.
I can’t get enough of it.
It’s a color that makes your eyes comfortable.

Front sign latex cloth grinding protruding sign latex cloth grinding column sign latex cloth grinding
I’ve constructed the Pagora tent tinting.
Chimaek is good, but seafood pajeon and makgeolli are fantastic.
You hear me out of the blue,
I want to hear you when I think of you without day or night.

To create the best environment and the best results,
The cooling system is doing its best.
Feel free to ask for a quote and we’ll be happy.
I’ll give you an answer.

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